This job just outside of Lisburn in the townland of Crossan was completed in the summer of 2019. The client wanted to create a new welcoming main entrance to their property, that could be used as a main patio for seating and would complete the area following the installation of new windows and doors

Another consideration in this job was some small subsidence in the car parking area which needed addressing and a new boundary fence against the existing field hedge.

In order to expand the patio out to the hedge boundary we retained this area with a new concrete block wall, then filled the space with hardcore. Tobermore ‘Textured’ Golden Flags were laid onto paving screed given that this patio had been built up. A Tobermore heather central circle gives focus to the area.

We also replicated the existing flower bed brickwork and have planted a box hedge for contrast which adds a pleasant splash of colour.

A horizontal board fence built onto concrete posts provides a wind break for those sitting on the patio.

The car park now has a new boundary fence, once again built on concrete posts for longevity.

We have also augured the subsiding edge of the car park at regular intervals through the hard fill and down into the ground beneath. These holes where then filled with concrete and reinforcing bar. The client intends to resurface the car park in the future now that the subsidence has been sorted.

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