Paving works forms the main part of our work, most revamped gardens will include a new patio or sometimes we simply replace outdated or worn paving. We have extensive experience working with Tobermore and Acheson & Glover paving products. In recent years Tobermore Historic Flags have become one of the most popular paving products that customers choose.

For customers looking as little maintenance as possible we always advise choosing the largest paver possible as this reduces the number of joints. For added peace of mind pavers can be laid on a screed base so no weeds rise from below. Pavers can be jointed with resin jointing compounds which have dramatically lowered the amount of maintenance necessary to maintain paving joints in recent years.

Perhaps the most striking form of paving is the range of natural stones now available. Sandstone and Limestone paving in multipacks of 4 sizes can create beautiful outdoor patio spaces.

As patios are not always beside the main house or at the same level sometimes steps are needed. There are a wide variety of step edging blocks, kerb units and even bespoke natural stone products available now. We have lots of experience in building patio steps, along with steps to both back and front doors.

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