The first mechanical lawn mower was invented back in 1830, by 1890 they had become widely affordable and the mown lawn had moved beyond sports facilities and parks, to the homes of ordinary citizens. Since then the lawn has become such an integral part of a modern garden; a place for children to play, to lie and sunbathe, and somewhere to have a little green space at your own home.

Lawns are also an incredibly important green space in towns and cities in particular. They help in absorbing run off, they help control pollution as well as releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. A well maintained lawn can also offer a homeowner tremendous pride in terms of visual enjoyment of their garden.

Each individual garden is different in its microclimate and sun and shade parameters together with its intended use. Therefore it is important to have a correct grass seed sown. We can source seed mixes for gardens intended for family use, ornamental value and shady lawns. If you need an instant transformation and can’t wait the number of weeks necessary for grass seed to grow, there are different grades of lawn turf readily available grown here in Northern Ireland.

For those who don’t like real grass or can’t justify the upkeep of a real lawn there are a wide variety of artificial grass grades which we also lay.

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