One of the most important lessons you can learn from gardening is patience and as plants don’t fully grow overnight they will continually remind you of this. You will need to be patient through the winter waiting for perennials to spring back into life, to be patient through the growing season for your fruit trees crop to ripen, and to be patient over the years as your new entrance hedge fills out.

Planting though, brings great excitement, as you know all this awaits in the coming years. Here at NM Landscapes we share this vision for the future and helping you pick and chose trees and plants that are right for each individual garden. Here in Northern Ireland it is possible to source plants grown locally and also from across Europe depending on the species needed for each job. We also grow our own Oxeye Daisy’s, Echinacea, Lupins, and Poppies for perennial wildflower meadows.

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