NM Landscapes offers a full garden design option for any customers with a complete blank canvas and who are unsure of how best to make use of their garden. Neil has a background in Landscape Architecture and experience in designing both large and small scale interventions.

The in-house garden design package offers:

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Part of Neil’s major design projects focused on a large scale town plan development of the Northern Irish seaside town of Portrush with many drawings and images down to small scale. At the time Portrush was in major need of an update, and while this has been completed in some areas there are many more parts of the town that require investment. One such area would be the Metropole Park and how this area would link into the town centre along a new ‘Promenade of Light’. This link would be very important as a new Aquarium in Metropole Park would be a major new attraction.

Metropole Park redevelopment plan

Portrush aquarium

Portrush Promenade of Light

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